Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)

Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)

Carel Isaac de Moor (Leiden 1695 - 1751 Rotterdam)

Portrait of a Gentleman in his Library

Graphite on vellum, 185 x 139 mm (7.5 x 5.5 inch)

Signed lower left 'Ca Ic de Moor'

Private collection, The Netherlands


Carel Isaac de Moor was taught his his father, the renowed painter Carel de Moor, one of the main exponents of the Leiden school of ‘fijnschilders’ (fine-painters), founded by Rembrandt's first pupil Gerrit Dou. Carel Isaac is mainly known as printmaker, specializing in mezzotints and etchings. He taught Johannes le Francq van Berkhey.

The present drawing is meticulously executed with highly sophisticated hatching and shading. Especially the face and hand of the sitter are worked to an astonishing finish. It is possible that this was intended to be engraved. The sitter is probably a collector or scholar.

Almost no other original works by this artist are extant, and this is the only drawing by the artist currently known. De Moor painted some portraits of Leiden University professors (Senaatskamer, Leiden University), and a portrait of an unknown man is preserved in the Lakenhal Museum, Leiden.1


1. Inv. no. 326; see Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, catalogus van de schilderijen en tekeningen, Leiden 1983, p. 229, repr.

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Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)
Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)
Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)
Carel Isaac de Moor (1695-1751)
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