Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)

Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)

Leonaert Bramer (Delft 1596 – 1674 Delft)

A Woman and Child asking Directions from a Man (recto)
A Man and Woman Conversing near a Village (verso)

Point of the brush and black ink and grey wash on grey-blue paper, 242 x 204 mm (9.5 x 8 inch)

- C.R. Rudolf (Lugt 2811b, on the mount); his sale, Sotheby’s, Amsterdam, 18 April 1977, lot 44
- Anonymous sale, Sotheby’s, Amsterdam, 13 November 1991, lot 290, where purchased by:
- The Canadian architect and collector Charles Greenberg (1922-2006)


The intriguing artist Leonaert Bramer was born in Delft in 1596 and travelled via France to Italy in 1616, where he studied the works of Renaissance masters and contemporary painters. After an exceptionally long sojourn in Italy he returned to his native Delft in 1628, where he was to work for the remainder of his industrious career.

An extremely versatile artist, Bramer produced paintings in many genres, but excelled in biblical and classical subjects, but was also one of the rare painters of his day to depict subjects from contemporary literature, such as Cervantes’s Don Quixote. Bramer’s paintings often possess a quality of tintillating excitement and freshness.

It is thought that Bramer taught Johannes Vermeer.

Bramer produced several series of drawings, some of which have remained intact to this day, and can for instance be found in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The present sheet, which has drawings on both recto and verso, seems to come from a dissembled series. Other drawings apparently from the same series include a scene of soldiers fighting in a landscape was formerly in the collection of Prince Argoutinsky-Dolgoroukoff,1 another scene of soldiers in a landscape, in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Neurenberg;2 and a further sheet in the Musée de Grenoble, Grenoble.3


1. Point of the brush in black ink and grey wash on blue-grey paper, 240 x 213 mm. Sotheby’s, Amsterdam, 9 June 1975, lot 107, repr.

2. Inv. no. Hz 3993/646a. Point of the brush in black ink and grey wash on blue-grey paper, 238 x 206 mm.

3. Inv. no. D 175. Point of the brush in black ink and grey wash on blue-grey paper, 230 x 205 mm. See M. Roethlisberger and C. Meyer, Dessins hollandais du Musée de Grenoble, Grenoble 1977, no. 26, repr.

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Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)
Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)
Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)
Leonaert Bramer (1596-1674)
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