Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)

Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)

Abraham Rademaker (Lisse 1676/77 – 1735 Haarlem)

The Inner Court of Muiderslot Castle, Muiden

Pen and brown ink, brown wash, brown ink framing lines, partial countermark IV, 158 x 225 mm (6.2 x 8.9 inch)

Inscribed ‘Het Sloth te Muyden van Binnen’ ('the Castle at Muiden the Inside') in the handwriting of Gerrit Schoemaker (1692-1736)

Andries Schoemaker (1660-1735), Amsterdam
By descent to his son, Gerrit Schoemaker (1692-1736), Amsterdam


The castle at Muiden, known as the Muiderslot in Dutch, is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Holland. Strategically situated on the shore of the Zuiderzee near the river Vecht, it was enlarged by Count Floris V of Holland in the late thirteenth century, who used it for taxing ships on the river Vecht. Depicted in this charming drawing is the inner court of the famous castle, which was home to Dutch poet Pieter Cornelisz Hooft (1581-1647).

Abraham Rademaker was the foremost topographical artist in Holland in the first half of the eighteenth century. He often based his drawings or watercolours on existing models, which is also the case in the present work, where the source is a drawing by Abraham de Haen (1707-1748), drawn in 1724 when the artist was about seventeen.1 Rademaker drew another version of the composition in an album in a private collection (see last image).2

Our sheet is particularly well preserved and comes from the collection of the Amsterdam-based textile merchant Andries Schoemaker (1660-1735), who assembled a huge collection of topographical views, collectively called an atlas. The inscription on our sheet is in the handwriting of his son Gerrit. Andries Schoemaker must have been particularly interested by this view, as a copy in his own hand is known, which has an identical inscription.3

I am grateful to Charles Dumas for confirming Rademaker’s authorship and for his help in writing this entry.4


1. In the collection of the Rijksmuseum Muiderslot, Muiden, inv. no. M1955-005; see Willem Beelaerts van Blokland and Charles Dumas, De kasteeltekeningen van Abraham Rademaker, Zwolle/Wijk bij Duurstede 2006, p. 375, no. C:73, repr.

2. See Beelaerts van Blokland and Dumas, pp. 228-29, no. II:166, repr.; our composition is the upper half of the album’s sheet, the lower half has another view of the inner court of the castle.

3. Album AS-Noord-Holland III, fol. 182 (upper); see Beelaerts van Blokland and Dumas, pp. 228-29.

4. E-mail correspondence of 29 December 2011.

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Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
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