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Simon de Vlieger (c.1600/01–1653) Simon de Vlieger (c.1600/01–1653)
Fishing Vessels and Yachts in Calm Waters in a Harbour
Jan Boeckhorst (1604-1668) Jan Boeckhorst (1604-1668)
The Supper at Emmaus
Caspar Netscher (1639-1684) Caspar Netscher (1639-1684)
The Death of Lucretia
Jan Porcellis (1580–1632) Jan Porcellis (1580–1632)
Study of Four Figures
Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674) Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674)
Three Sleeping Men
Valentin Lefèvre (1642-1682) Valentin Lefèvre (1642-1682)
The Judgment of Solomon
Aurelio Luini (1530–1593) Aurelio Luini (1530–1593)
A Seated Prophet, holding a book
Giovanni Baglione (c.1566–1643) Giovanni Baglione (c.1566–1643)
A Study of a Young Woman Sleeping
Pietro Antonio de’ Pietri (1663–1716) Pietro Antonio de’ Pietri (1663–1716)
God Appearing to Adam and Eve in Paradise
Raymond Lafage (1656-1684) Raymond Lafage (1656-1684)
The Virgin and Child with St Elizabeth and St John the Baptist
Salomon van Ruysdael (c.1600/03–1670) Salomon van Ruysdael (c.1600/03–1670)
A Wooded River Landscape with Figures in a Boat, Cattle Watering Nearby
  • Adriaen de Vries (1556-1626)Adriaen de Vries (1556-1626)
  • Elias van Nijmegen (1667-1755)Elias van Nijmegen (1667-1755)
  • Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891)Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891)
  • François Cornelis Knoll (1772–1827)François Cornelis Knoll (1772–1827)
  • Michael Herr (1591–1661)Michael Herr (1591–1661)
  • Gerard Hoet I (1669-1733)Gerard Hoet I (1669-1733)