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Jan Porcellis (1580–1632) Jan Porcellis (1580–1632)
Study of a Standing Figure
Jacob van Kouwenhoven (1772–1825) Jacob van Kouwenhoven (1772–1825)
A Stormy Landscape with a Turbulent River in Rain
Cornelis Symonsz. van der Schalcke (1617–1671) Cornelis Symonsz. van der Schalcke (1617–1671)
A Village with a Brick Kiln along a Stream
Valentijn Klotz (c.1650–1721) Valentijn Klotz (c.1650–1721)
View of the Village of Bel
Stefano della Bella (1610–1664) Stefano della Bella (1610–1664)
Design for a Playing Card: a Queen
Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674) Leonaert Bramer (1596–1674)
The Wedding Feast at Cana
Valentijn Klotz (c.1650–1721) Valentijn Klotz (c.1650–1721)
View of the Ruined Church at Eikenduinen
Agostino Masucci (1690–1768) Agostino Masucci (1690–1768)
The Continence of Scipio
Domenico Piola (1627–1703) Domenico Piola (1627–1703)
The Infant Christ Appearing to Saint Anthony of Padua: a design for an antependium
Gaspare Diziani (1689–1767) Gaspare Diziani (1689–1767)
Christ on the Way to Calvary Meeting the Virgin
Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735) Abraham Rademaker (1676/77–1735)
The Inner Court of Muiderslot Castle, Muiden
  • Michael Herr (1591–1661)Michael Herr (1591–1661)
  • François Cornelis Knoll (1772–1827)François Cornelis Knoll (1772–1827)
  • Gerard Hoet I (1669-1733)Gerard Hoet I (1669-1733)
  • Rembrandt School c.1640-1650Rembrandt School c.1640-1650
  • Elias van Nijmegen (1667-1755)Elias van Nijmegen (1667-1755)
  • Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891)Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891)